Wildlife Trapping

There are a wide range of animals that could find your home as appealing as you do! raccoons, squirrels, birds, skunks, mice/rats, opossums, snakes and more… Pro Trap offers the most humane means possible to trap and remove animals, while minimizing harm and stress to the animal.

Bat Control

Pro Trap Wildlife specializes in the removal and decontamination of bats from attics, industrial buildings, garages, etc. Bats have one to three litters in a season and usually only produce one baby at a time.

Rodent Control

This includes but is not limited to mice, rats and squirrels. Mice reproduce every 20 – 30 days and produce an average litter size of 10 – 12 pups. Rats reproduce every 30 – 40 days and produce and average litter size of 6 – 13 pups.

Attic Decontamination

Pro Trap provides removal of all accessible contaminated insulation, removal of scent posts, removal of all accessible animal feces and urine, removal of all debris, deodorize and disinfect entire are affected, and finally reinstallation of all insulation are all necessary step in decontaminating an attic.

Damage Repair & Prevention

It is easier to keep animals out of your home than to deal with an animal that has decided to den inside or underneath your home. Regularly inspect the exterior of your home. Siding or roofing materials that have suffered weather damage or deterioration make it easier for animals to gain access. The following are a few places that should be maintained to prevent animal infestations: Fireplace or Furnace Chimney, Attic Exhaust Fan Opening, Attic End Vents and Soffit Vents, Roof, Soffit and Fascia, Porches and Decks and Window Wells.


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