1. Many thanks to Jack and Roy for their very professional, thorough and very reasonably priced service. When an issue arose, I called and they came. They fixed the problem immediately. They walked me through their process, answered all of my questions and discussed a plan for further preventative measures. I am very happy with their service, and this company.

  2. Pro Trap came to my house today. Jack and Roy are fantastic!! They are so very knowledgeable, I was amazed at the things I didn’t know until they took the time to explain everything. I have a severe mice problem!! They looked around then let me know exactly what they would be doing. I mentioned that a black bird went in my soffit where there was a piece of aluminum missing. They put a brand new piece on for me, sealed it up and sealed up another spot that could potentially be a problem. (No extra charge) I am super pleased that they even looked at future problems. I highly recommend Pro Trap to everyone with a small or large rodent problem. I can sleep tonight knowing that I no longer have to worry about mice Thank You!

  3. Had these pros out today, did a fantastic job. Soaked down my house and buildings for spiders and ants. Will definitely have them back later this Summer to keep them away
    Literally seen them falling off the house Dead
    Thanks ProTrap
    Excellent job
    Highly Recommended

  4. After much on-line research and contact with different companies, we elected to hire Pro Trap for bat removal services. Their employees were very professional and took the time to answer our many questions. Customer service was outstanding. More importantly though, Pro Trap guaranteed their bat exclusion service and have delivered on that promise. The service provided was both efficient and effective. We are more than satisfied to have contracted with a local company and would highly recommend them.

  5. I called Pro Trap for Spider Spray because the entry way to my house always had large spiders and I was getting tired of all the spiderwebs on the siding. When I spoke to Pro Trap I mentioned I also had hornet nests and carpenter bees around my front windows and garage. They assured me they could take care of all my insect needs. I am pleasantly surprised I have not seen any spiders, hornets, bees or spiderwebs near the house or garage. If I would have realized how much of a difference this would have made I would have called Pro Trap earlier. I will be calling again next Spring for the same service.

  6. I had a racoon in my attic….called Pro-trap. They came within an hour. All of their employees were very polite, respectful and professional. The racoon had damaged my attic and my bedroom ceiling. They got rid of the racoon, cleaned out my attic, sanitized it, put in all new insulation, repaired my ceiling and painted the entire bedroom! They were a “one-stop” enterprise. I didn’t need to call any other workmen or other services. They answered all my concerns and questions. They came on time to each and every appointment, worked quickly and efficiently and cleaned up everything after the job was completed. They did everything they said they would. I can’t say enough about their service and would certainly recommend them to anyone who is dealing with this type of problem.

  7. Bought a new house with a racoon and squirrel problem in my attic…pro trap got rid of animals, cleaned out my attic and insulated. Also sealed and guaranteed no re-entry. Not going to lie it wasn’t cheap…but with the quality of work and customer service that I received, it was worth every penny.

  8. Called about a skunk in my yard and they arrived within the hour. Extremely fast, friendly, and professional service. Definitely recommended. A++

  9. These guys were great. Called another company first and was not able to get to the house. Called these guys and we’re able to come in less than a half hour and did a full job in the same amount of time. Thanks for getting that squirrel out of the house.

  10. I had other companies that came out but all they wanted to do is set traps. pro trap came out and got the raccoons out for free and Sealed my house up and warranty it for 5 years that I would not have a problem Highly recommend them.

  11. I recently needed the services of Pro Trap. I was pleased with their professional and friendly service. The team is knowledgeable and efficient. I also feel confident that if there is a need for followup, I can count on them to return and take care of the issue. For me, that is really important and impressive. Very good customer service.

  12. Pro Trap is a great company, they have solved many animal and insect problems for us. They are professional and quick to respond . Very happy with their service

  13. We had a raccoon in our attic and called Protrap and one of there techs come out he was very polite and made me feel reassured that they were going to trap and remove the animal.They caught the raccoon and we are very happy. Would definitely use this company again.

  14. Pro Trap came and got 2 raccoons out of my house and set the trap so I would only get what was in my attic which was good because I have a hundred squirrels around my house thanks guys

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