Company Mission Statement: To humanely resolve conflicts with Ontario's wildlife; while providing first-class customer service. We specialize in removal and exclusion practices for both residential and commercial clients. Our business is fully licensed and insured for operations in Ontario.

Humane: Pro Trap works to resolve animal conflicts while minimizing harm or stress upon the animals. This means that we use non-lethal methods of control. We use live-catch cage traps to safely constrain the animal, and we relocate these animals to suitable habitat far from the capture point. They will end up in a safe place, where they can live without encroaching upon people's property. To ensure that we don't leave any animals stuck in a cage for a lengthy period of time, we diligently check our traps every single day.

Effective: Our goal is to provide the most effective and efficient means of alleviating your nuisance wildlife concerns. Our expertise comes from our experience and our dedication to our work. We take every job very seriously, and always follow through with a game plan. We analyze each variable, and come up with the best solution for the situation at hand. This means that we study the type(s) of animal, the environment, what the animal is doing, and the best means of eliminating the problem in a safe and humane way.

Professional: At Pro Trap, we are dedicated to professionalism in every facet of our work. You will not find another company whose operators are as well educated and respectful of professional communication. From our appearance, including clean service trucks and uniforms, to our punctuality, to our excellent communication and responsiveness, we strive to provide the best customer experience possible.

Our Philosophy: We at Pro Trap understand that while most people enjoy wildlife, they enjoy it in the wild, not in their own buildings. As the number of people continues to grow, and as we continue to spread into our wild areas, animals often adapt and choose human dwellings as their living area of choice. Many animals find that human buildings, with their sound construction, warmth, access to food, etc. make excellent habitat. For these reasons, human/animal conflicts are inevitable. We understand that people don't like sharing their buildings with animals for a variety of reasons. Animals cause damage to our houses, they scratch and chew, cause fire hazards with their bedding material and by chewing on electrical wires, and bring in a host of parasites and diseases that are transmissible to pets and humans. Animals also cause unsettling noise in a building, and leave their remnants behind. We find that most of our customers object to the noise, the destruction of property, and the droppings animals leave. We solve these problems and give customers peace of mind, as well as safety, while doing our best to respect nature as well.