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When bats invade buildings and homes though, they become a nuisance. Their presence, the parasites they carry, and the smell from their droppings and urine can all be a problem. Bats are usually noticed by their droppings or noise-making. Their musty smelling droppings can be mistaken for those of mice or birds. Bat droppings can look like crushed, fine, shiny undigested insect parts, while mouse droppings are firm and do not break apart easily. No white colour appears in bat droppings, like it does in bird feces.
Raccoons aren’t out to ruin your home, they just need a place to stay. And while there are plenty of natural options for raccoon den sites, your home may be an easy alternative. If your house isn’t secure against these furry intruders, it may become just what they were looking for a place to have their young.
Rodents are dangerous pests capable of spreading dozens of diseases. When foraging, rats and mice contaminate surfaces with their droppings and urine that can spread bacteria, contaminate foods, and cause allergic reactions.

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