Wildlife Control

There are a wide range of animals that could find your home as appealing as you do!! Raccoons, Squirrels, Birds, Skunks, Mice/Rats, Opossums, Snakes and more… Pro Trap Wildlife offers the most human means possible to trap and remove animals, while minimizing harm and/or stress to the animal.

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Pest Management

Wasps, Bees, Hornets, Yellow Jackets, Ants, Spiders, and many other insects can be a huge nuisance to you and your family. Pro Trap Wildlife will come and inspect the situation and provide any service you may need. Many services are available from one time treatments to monthly control plans.

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Restoration & Repair Services

It is easier to keep animals out of your home than to deal with an animal that has decided to den inside or underneath your home. Regularly inspect the exterior of your home. Siding or roofing materials that have suffered weather damage or deterioration make it easier for animals to gain access.

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 “Spiders Are Out Lets Keep Them Away”  


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